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Evolution, Neuroethology, Sensory Ecology

I am interested in understanding the evolution of communication signals and social behaviors spanning from aggression to reproduction and parental care across species. I use an integrative approach to research, conducting field and laboratory studies and drawing from diverse disciplines including bioacoustics, neuroethology, and behavioral ecology. My goal is to unveil the conserved neural mechanisms that modulate social behaviors, and how animals overcome environmental challenges that affect their social interactions.

Photo (right): Ecuadorian Hillstar male perching on Chuquiraga j. flower.

By Carlos A. Rodriguez-Saltos / Cell Press

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I am excited to share that I joined the School of Biological Sciences at Illinois State University, and I am starting my lab this Fall 2023!

I am extremely grateful to the mentors, advisors, and students from whom I have learned so much throughout the years!

At the Neuroethology and Sensory Ecology (NeuroSensE) Lab, we will investigate the ecology and neural underpinnings of multimodal communication and the social brain. I will be recruiting a Master's or Ph.D. student this Fall!

Stay tuned for more news and exciting research!

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